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Day 2: Vilniuscome in Vilnius

in the morning today I had my weigh in around 11 o´clock. After a small delay I jumped on scale – weight:68,7kg. So I was
a little to light (better than to heavy) and could start to fill my food battery. I just had to interrupt this action when we took a
photo of the German Team.
After that we drove to Vilnius, the capitol of Lithuania. So we passed forrest, forrest, many totems (I didn´t expect that so
many native American tribes found their way to this Baltic country), more forrest and the Construction Yard of Command and Counqer Generals
(quote by F. Täger), We had a great day in this beautiful city. Tomorrow I will support my teammates who fight with the left
Greez from the East!
The Hellboy

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