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Arciniegas about Gomez

Gol Star technical director Alejandro Arciniegas about Gomez: is a player that stands out and always demands the best from herself in what she does. She has incredible attitude, effort, and ambition. She is an aggressive winger and efficient in the final third with crosses and shots on goal.

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4k led display Anywhere along Ocean Boulevard offers the best view. The grandstand will be set up just west of Hospital Road. This year’s theme is „It’s a Magical Christmas“ and the procession is estimated to be about two hours long. The Corridor is our version of a hall of mirrors with vintage Italian terra cotta statues. The Bedroom is filled with gothic furniture including a black bed of roses as well as restless spirits. In the Dining Hall, overgrown with floral arrangements, giant chairs flank a table set for a haunted party 4k led display.

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