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„Tim Doucette is legally blind

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cheap oakleys SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA new observatory is officially opening in southwestern Nova Scotia Friday night to give people an opportunity to learn about astronomy through the eyes of a man who is legally blind.“For me, I’ve always relied on other people,“ said Tim Doucette, owner of the Deep Sky Eye Observatory in Quinan.“But now, other people are relying on me to help them view the night sky, so that’s kind of a great feeling, to show somebody something else that makes them excited.“Tim Doucette is legally blind, but has an enhanced ability to see ultraviolet light, which allows him to see the night sky with far more clarity than the average person. (Eric Woolliscroft/CBC)Doucette was born completely blind. He had surgery when he was a child to remove the lenses of his eyes, giving him about 10 per cent of average vision.He has to wear sunglasses even on cloudy days because his pupils are permanently dilated.Night visionBut Doucette discovered his disability gave him an incredible ability he can see objects in the night sky with remarkable clarity.“Because the lens of the eye is a natural ultraviolet filter, I discovered that I can see ultraviolet light, so looking through a telescope I can see things better than you would,“ he said.“I’m probably the only person that I know of on the planet that can focus a telescope with no eyepiece right on the back of my retina.“Doucette can see the entire Omega Nebula (or Swan Nebula), whereas most people can’t see half of it without the help of cameras. cheap oakleys

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