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Former Wrigley stockholders will not become stockholders of

I gather that it’s not a matter of no one selling; it’s just a price issue for management.Leather dates back to primitive times. At first, cave paintings show humans wearing hides with the fur still on them. Eventually, humans started rubbing fat into the animal skins to preserve them, thus making the first leather.

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supreme Snapbacks As a result of the merger, Wrigley became a subsidiary of Mars, a privately held company. All shares (Common and Class B Common) of Wrigley stock were cancelled as of such date (in exchange for the right to receive $80 per share, without interest and less applicable withholding tax, see Question 2 below), and shares of Wrigley stock no longer trade on The New York Stock Exchange or any other exchange. Former Wrigley stockholders will not become stockholders of Mars as a result of the merger.. supreme Snapbacks

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