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As a result of the storm a number of buildings have been

The central west slopes was the worst affected area, in particular Parkes. Further out west, wind gusts reached up to 94km/h in Trangie and 89km/h in Bourke.So what can we expect on Saturday?Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) senior forecaster Peter Zmijewski said only „marginal areas“ of the state would be hit by storms during the day.“Far south east NSW may get storm activity in the afternoon,“ he said.Mr Zmijewski said the wild weather had been caused by a cold front followed by cold air in the upper atmosphere.PARKES WORST HITParkes was hit with a severe storm overnight which caused havoc across the town. About 7pm on Friday a severe storm cell struck with strong wings, hail and heavy rain.As a result of the storm a number of buildings have been damaged and numerous roads are blocked due to fallen trees.A significant part of the town has been affected by a power outage due to downed power lines and flooding.A takeaway store on Forbes Road suffered structural damage causing a wall to collapse.

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