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Ted’s Hockey Jersey Page

So some more LA. This is the LA Sharks, a team from the old WHA. They only lasted two years in LA (1972 73, 1973 74). After the second season the moved to Detroit and became the Michigan Stags.

Instead of going retro, I decided to go a bit more modern on this one. What do you think? I have a picture below of their original jerseys. I decided to try a black over the red. cheap jerseys But I think I see a red third jersey in the future. They had a striping scheme that I particularly likes. Especially on the yoke, where they did stripes on their old jerseys. Alas I didn like what I came up with utilizing that unique yoke scheme.

I tried two designs here, challenging myself a bit on the first to go white (with the exception of the league logo, the ear pieces on the helmet and the leather on the palm side of the gloves.

Now they didn use a green jersey that was my creation. Regardless, what do you think? Here are some originals to compare them to.

It the WHA! That right the league that gave us the Edmonton Oilers, Hartford Whalers (Carolina Hurricanes), Quebec Nordiques (Colorado Avalanche), and Winnipeg Jets (Phoenix Coyotes)!

The first jersey set here is the New England Whalers. They were one of the more successful teams in the league. The even convinced Mr. Hockey himself to come out of retirement and play alongside his sons Mark and Marty.

The second set is for the short lived Ottawa Nationals. From the web page city of Ottawa was never one of the WHA first choices. But shortly after the league announced its intentions to begin play in the fall of 1972, its plans of having a team in Toronto fell through when a suitable deal couldn be reached with Harold Ballard, owner of the NHL Maple Leafs as well as their building, Maple Leaf Gardens. The franchise was put instead in the nation capital, playing out of the Ottawa Civic Center.

I might as well title this to lose friends I used to live in Argentina and there are two major soccer rivals Boca Jrs and River Plate. I have adapted the Boca jersey for a ice hockey jersey. Surely the River Fans will now hate me.

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