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Tech twofer would be new coachs dream job

Prep Watch Jackson Gillett eyes open football post with his baseball gigFormer Marine Jackson Gillett recently won the job of head baseball coach at Benson High.

Now he’d like to make it a doubleheader sweep.

Benson, overall, is a far cry athletically from what it was in previous eras, when the school also had a stronger reputation for academics and discipline.

‚Benson has a proud tradition, and a lot of people remember those glory days, but I don’t think these kids associate themselves with that,‘ Gillett says. ‚But there are still plenty of good kids and good athletes at Benson. Cheap Jerseys free shipping They just need a little bit of discipline and a little bit of passion.

‚In football, the work ethic needs to be improved, and we need to play to our strengths. We have speed. We should be able to put up some points out of a spread offense.‘

Gillett says he spent 11 years in the Marine Corps, playing and coaching football and baseball and recruiting before he was ‚medically separated‘ from the military. He is a night student who hopes to earn his college degree this summer and eventually teach business at a high school.

Would he approach the football job in a Marine like way?

‚The answer is actually yes,‘ he says. ‚There is a point at the beginning of every season that the players consider boot camp you work so hard. When you push them harder and farther than they have ever been, they exceed their own expectations.

‚But at the same time, I always understand that these are kids, and at the end of the year they realize how much better they are for everything we’ve done.‘

Gillett says he wants his players to represent the school well when they’re out and about and in Tech gear, but he won’t have a lot of rules on appearance.

‚I don’t care if a kid has a mohawk or long hair or dreadlocks, because looks don’t make the person,‘ he says. ‚However, when they’re wearing their Benson jerseys, I don’t want them to have their pants sagging down to where they’re showing their boxers.‘

Grant is the clear favorite in this weekend’s PIL 6A boys district swim meet, and the Generals are among the leading contenders in the girls meet. Coach Laura Tyrrell says that with more and more athletes turning out for the sport, ‚I think we’re going to have a long run.‘

Tyrrell, in her fifth season at Grant, started with eight boys. She has 29 this season.

‚It used to be a sport nobody even really considered, but now I’m getting cross country runners and football players and a lot of athletic kids,‘ she says. ‚It’s nice for me, because they come with cardiovascular fitness. When I first started, there were primarily unfit kids coming out, and in 12 weeks it was difficult to get them competitive.‘

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