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Yankees at crossroads entering next week’s Subway Series

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So this is where we are in baseball in New York going into a week of Subway Series games: We have two teams with pretty much the same record after four months of season, a combined and less than whopping total of six games over .500 coming out of Friday night’s games. One is fifth in the wild card standings right now. The other is fourth. But only one team has been talking about being a seller rather than buyer, even though that team the Yankees has had a much better record than the Mets since May.

So where are the Mets going right now, really? Because if you go off what we have seen lately, they are going nowhere.Cheap Jerseys free shipping

Since the Yankees were 8 16 the first week of May, their record is 44 34 through Friday. Over the same stretch of baseball in New York, the Mets‘ record is 40 38. It is why the Mets come into the trade deadline this year looking as if they are in as much trouble as they were at the trade deadline a year ago, before the Carlos Gomez trade didn’t happen and the one for Yoenis Cespedes did, and not only did Cespedes come over the hill like the First Army, there were a lot of other reinforcements with him.

More has happened to the Mets this season than the Yankees, absolutely. Lucas Duda has been gone for a while and David Wright is gone for the season and, who knows, maybe for good. Sometimes when you think back over the 104 games the Mets will have played by Monday night you can barely remember Duda and Wright playing at all. Matt Harvey is gone in mid season, again. When you look at the Yankees, the worst injury they have had is to Mark Teixeira, who came into the weekend still existing in a place south of the Mendoza Line, and looking as if he is staggering toward the end of the line, even if he has shown some pop lately. The frightening thing for Yankee fans is that this is the team management wanted.

Yankees, Brian Cashman should not be done selling

Really, the worst hit they have taken to their pitching staff is Luis Severino, who got hit and got hurt and is now pitching his way back into things from the bullpen.

This is your New York baseball season, even if there is still so much season to be played. If you don’t think a lot can happen, here or anywhere, in August and September, go take a look at what the Mets did over the final two months of the regular season in 2015 when Cespedes didn’t just light up Citi Field, but the whole city, as he became the most valuable guy in the whole sport.

Nobody thought the Yankees could make it back to the World Series for the first time in seven years when the season started. The Mets had much higher expectations. Their mission, and they sure had a right to think this way, was that they could come back from losing the Series and win it the way the Royals did. They had all those young arms. Cespedes decided to come back. Even without Daniel Murphy whatever happened to him? Did he land on his feet? they thought they had enough stick to go with the pitching. The Yankees had three closers in Betances, Miller, Chapman when the whole thing started. But the Mets still had Jeurys Familia, who now has a week at Citi Field like he had in the Series against the Royals. He had been killing it all season. Now he kills the Mets, back to back games, first the Cardinals and then the Rockies.

The Yankees have been so much better over the last month especially. Not only have they played better, they have pitched so much better than the Mets, and who would have put money on that on Opening Day? When the Mets needed a game this week from Jacob deGrom, he could not give it to them. And when they gave Familia one run leads in two straight ninth innings, Familia gave them right back, with both hands.

Why recent trades could be best moves of Cashman’s Yankees tenure

Suddenly it is the Mets who feel as if they are going the wrong way. We keep hearing that this series or this stretch of games is the defining moment for the Yankees, if there is such a thing at the end of July. Joe Girardi keeps talking about how these games are like playoff games for his team. Great. The Yankees still love trying to sell the playoffs to their fans, four years after the Yankees last won a playoff game. So this year they’ve got 60 of them to sell.

But how about the first four games in August for the Mets? Suddenly they need a big week as much as the Yankees do, whether the Yankees keep selling or not. Suddenly there are as many questions about where the Mets think they’re going the rest of the way as there are about the Yankees.

The Mets still have all those young arms, and Syndergaard has an ERA under 3.00 and so does deGrom and Matz isn’t so far above the magic number for starting pitchers. But for now the combined won loss record of Syndergaard, deGrom and Matz is 23 17. After Syndergaard lost to the Cardinals the other afternoon, not one of the three young guys has 10 victories. In too many ways, July of ’16 is starting to resemble July of ’15, which means BC Before Cespedes. And even with Cespedes in the house, the Mets have batting numbers with runners in scoring position that are Biblically bad.

Again and again: The Mets showed you last year how fast and how well things can turn around. They did that with reinforcements. But how many would they need this time? How many would the Yankees need to actually look like a real contender for something other than the same one game postseason they played against the Astros last October? And, really, how much would the second wild card mean to fans who have actually followed a team of Back End All Stars?

Even with win, Mets look like they need help

Subway Series 2016. Evoking the words of someone who knew both the Mets and Yankees really well. Yogi. It sure gets late early around here. These will feel like big games this week. They always are. But how many big games will the Mets and Yankees be playing after the Subway Series? Where are these two trains headed, really?

Maybe it’s a race. To see which of our local teams is kidding itself the most.

Russian hacks, ’15/’16 Mets how about that Ice Bucket Challenge . . .

As far as I can tell, the Russians have hacked just about everything except the St. Louis Cardinals database.

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